For balance: breathe deeply & rest well
For balance: breathe deeply & rest well
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What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens Health Stress Wellbeing

Adaptogens are plant medicine that can help the body to handle stressors of all kinds like physical, chemical or biological stress. Some also boost immunity and overall well-being. Research shows adaptogens help with fatigue, enhance mental performance, ease depression and anxiety, and help you thrive rather than just muddle through! How cool is that?

Adaptogens are herbs, roots, plants and mushrooms that have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions, but they’re having a renaissance today. Some can be eaten as part of a meal, and some are consumed as supplements or brewed into teas and latte’s.

You can add a wide range of adaptogens to your daily self care regimen. You can treat them as special delights during your day but also during spiritual practices like journaling.

Let’s dive into ancient alchemy and find some formulas that hold precious wisdom that has been revered by medicine people across the world!

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